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Hi Sugars =) On June 11, 2007 I, Michelle247, decided I needed a change in my life. I was sick of always being tired and being lazy and I know I'm way out of shape, so Now I'm gonna change all that and blog my progress all the way through. I've tried this before and I always quit or cheat, which is exactly why I'm going to blog here so You guys can help. Feel free to comment with any new receipes or exercise ideas. Everyones open to join! the more the merrier.

Not a very strong start.

Posted By michelle247 on Jun 18, 2007 at 11:47PM

Alright, So I know my post was a little late, but today ( or tonight since its 11:30 when I'm writing this...) was an eventful one.

Lets start off by saying that I started summer school today. My 8-5 monday through thursday summer school.

And then I went to work

and then I got sick. I think I have a sinus infection and it is seriously the worst timing ever.

...... But back to the food thing. I started my day off really good by actually having breakfast, something I never did before. I had a bowl of cheerios and was off and on my way to school, but by 9 I was starving again! Now usually I would go to the handy dandy vending machines, but those are the enemy now. So I waited until our lunch break (12.. I'm in cosmo school, its all about hours. we get 2 15 minute breaks and a 1 hour lunch.) Then on my lunch,since I haven't gone grocery shopping or anything, I didn't pack a lunch, I met my friend at the resturant I work at, I know, see bad eating out!

I had a grilled chicken ceaser salad. Kinda good right?

I went back to school, which was making me absolutely miserable by the way, and after school, I had to get something quick because I started work in 45 mins.

so what do I get? carl's jr onion rings.
*hides in shame*

I don't know what possessed me, maybe I'm an emotional eater, because I tend to not give a damn about anything when I'm upset or in a bad mood, which was today and acctually everyday when I ate bad.. hmm a pattern?

then i got to work, ran around all day began to feel sick, and boom all of a sudden my head is a cloudy and my bodyaches all over.

Now I'm home.

I plan on going grocery shopping weds, since its my only day off from work.

I'm really really stressed. Which is making my decision making a little clouded, and I don't really have anyone in my life I see enough to help guide me.

My schedule looks like this:
Monday: School, 8-5 work, 6-10
Tuesday, School, 8-5 work, 5:15-10
Wedsday: School, 8-5 no work.
Thursday: School, 8-5, work 5:15-10
Friday: No school, work 4:30-10
Sat: work 4:30- 10
Sunday: FREE DAY!.

Thats till the end of July, and then Starts back up August 22nd, except I'll have school on fridays then too.

I want to make a grocery list for weds, any ideas? I'd love to hear them. I'll post my list tmrw night

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Food diary 6/16/07

Posted By michelle247 on Jun 17, 2007 at 12:18AM

So, heres the thing.

I eat out way tooo often. Both times I ate today were at resturants.

First a grilled chicken breast and garlic bread at work

and then pizza.. after work.

Ugh! come tmrw I will have new ideas starting on my diet and exercise plan that will be in full effect come monday morning

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Food diary 6/15/07 (a little late..)

Posted By michelle247 on Jun 16, 2007 at 2:59PM

Good after noon!!

Well, I know this is a day late but I ran in to some problems last night which ended up with me in a tow truck coming from the city at 230 in the morning, oh and did I mention I have 2nd degree sun burn all over my body? Not a good day.

but lets talk food and my not so smart choices.

I didn't eat anything all morning, because I was in some serious pain from my sun burn. I met up with a friend right before work and ate a seaseme chicken salad at elephant bar.. it was alright nothing special. I didn't eat all day at work, I had some coffee (plain with nonfat milk, 2 splendas) then after work some friends wanted to get hawaiian bbq. It sounded so good, the perfet end to my night. we go, Its in the city, I have a chicken katsu mini plate, and when we go to leave, all of a sudden, my car wont work. Long story short, I had to get it towed and now I won't have it till (maybe) monday.

Oh and did I mention I start summer school on monday?

So I start school 8-5 and have work at 6 on monday.


and to top off my whole wonderful night,
I got my wonderful monthly visitor. ugh.

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Food diary 6/14/07

Posted By michelle247 on Jun 14, 2007 at 10:42PM

Well hello again, =)

Today was a total beach which is nice and not so nice.

Lets start with the nice, shall we?

I actually told myself I looked alright in my bathing suit.
I got to lay in the sun, ALL DAY.
I hung out with my besties.
I didn't have work!

And the not so nice..
8 cans of miller light beer.. thats like 500 million calories.
1 small jamba juice
some chips and salsa
...and getting seriously burned. I have a white bikini on- permenantly.

The moral for today?
Get healthy snacks to eat at the beach, and WEAR SUNSCREEN.

I'm off to put on some aloe.. goodnight.

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Food diary 6/13/07 ( I think I have a problem with Carbs)

Posted By michelle247 on Jun 14, 2007 at 12:35AM

well hello hello...

So lets start off by saying I had a AMAZING DAY!

I went with my oldest best friend down the coast to monterey and carmel to relax, and I had such a great time!

first off, I didnt eat until about 1, which was pizza (again) and garlic bread sticks from a coner pizzeria. Ah and I had soda! I don't know what persuaded me to go off my water and coffee only drinks, but i did. I know, bad.

But the great thing about being in a beautiful town on a beautiful day was that I walked EVERYWHERE! I definately felt good about that =)

For dinner we went to another little coffee bistro, I had a burger and fries, with water this time and a cup of coffee after with two creams and two sugars.

Around 10, when we got home we were craving ice cream so we went to a little cafe and had a sundae.

I know I know I know.. BUT I WALKED A LOT!

Its ok, this week I'm just obsserving my eating habits. By Sunday I'm gonna have a full schedule and lists of foods I should eat, suggestions are always nice too =)

MustangMonday- Thank you for the ideas on what to get at starbucks! I'm a sucker for coffee, I drink atleast a cup everyday. You are absolutely right about all those frappachinos having 5 billion calories, and its weird cause when I go to other resturants, I'm find with just regular coffee, a bit of nonfat milk and 2 splendas. But when I'm starbucks I'm a sucker for a white mocha. I think I'll start by just getting regular coffee (saves me some bucks too! ) As for the tea... I'm willing to try but I will say.. I cant stand the smell. But hey, This whole thing is all about change. =)

Well I'm off to bed, I actually had one of the greatest days today. I'm so very happy.. Plus my new Mario Badescu products came in the mail YAY!!

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Food diary 6/12/07

Posted By michelle247 on Jun 13, 2007 at 1:18AM

Hello Hello Sugars, well I just got home from work... lets see what I did today.

I woke up around 10 and watched a movie.. I didn't eat until aobout 330. 3 slicces of pepperoni pizza. Ack! I was STARVING!

Got to work, had a big jamba juice, one of the guys got ones for everyone! Then my friend walks in about 2 hours later with a suprise starbucks. A venti iced nonfat no whip white mocha... I finished both.

At the end of the night my fave cook was cooking (he's also a really good friend) And made me a suprise grilled chicken breast with pasta. I couldn't say no, I ate the whole thing and wasn't even hungry.

Gross I know, and after work my friend, who I haven't talked to in a while wanted to catch up, so we went to starbucks and I got a tall apple cider.

Seriously, my food habits really just made me sick.

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Food diary 6/11/07

Posted By michelle247 on Jun 12, 2007 at 12:04AM

So I'm gonnna start this list by taking Prissylittlebadass's, suggestion and making a food diary for a week. Now I'll list what I ate today...

I woke up really late, 1pm.. got up and made a microwavable red baron pepperoni pizza (they are sooo bad for me, but so good and easy to make!) After, I had a chocalate drumstick. ick. I know.

Around 3 my friend Ari called to get coffee, instead we ended up getting ice cream at McDonalds and sharing a medium fry. Then went to starbucks, I got a venti sweetened iced coffee, plus half and half.

Work was at six and it was extremely busy all night, I worked up an appeitite. I knew there was no food at home so I had a garlic bread with mozzerella and a kids easy cheesy pasta.

wow, I didn't even think of what I was eating today until I thought back on everything today. Not good. for the rest of the week I'll simply just record when and what I'll be eating and then by next week I'll set up food goals and make a grocery list, so the easy fast food option won't be so easy.

Next blog is tomorrow!

The beginning of a long journey, encouragement is greatly appreciated.

Posted By michelle247 on Jun 11, 2007 at 3:09PM

So, Lets start off by saying I've never been very health conscious. It just wasn't the way I was raised, but as I started to be called "the fat girl" in school I began paying more and more attention to how much bigger I was than all my other friends.

And to be honest, I'm not fat. I know I'm not obese but, I am the biggest I've ever been. I'm 18 years old, I'm 5'5 and weigh around 155-160 with a BMI of 28.5. I do have hips, and thighs and a butt and size 36 D boobs.. so I know I'll never be a size 2 or 4. I never was before, but I want to tone and to shape up and maybe get down to th 135 pounds that looks good on me.

This is why, Sugars, I want your help.

I am not against exercise or eating healthy I just need suggestions on how to do it. I work at an Italian restaurant 5 days out of the week,(weds and thurs are my only nights off) usually until 10 or 1030 at night.

And Monday through Friday I have school, 8-5. With a one hour lunch break. Now its summer right now, but I have summer school for six weeks monday through thurs. And like I said earlier, right after school I hustle and go to work. Which leaves me with 2 questions,

1. When/ How could I exercise? I always feel like I never have time and when I do have time, I'm exhausted and just want to sleep.

2. How can I eat healthier with a small budget like mine, very little free time?

I'm planning on changing and keeping an updated blog about all my progress. This is just the first blog, I can't wait to hear your suggestions! =)